Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday - finallllly!

I love Friday's. They are a great day at the office, usually relatively quiet and I can get in that mid-day workout!!

So I went on down to the gym and focused on running more than 1 mile (since I ran a mile on Wednesday I figured I could beat it today). I actually made it 1.25 miles jogging at 4.7 for 1/2 a mile and 4.5 the other 3/4 mile!!! So exciting! I then walked another 1.25 for a 2.5 mile total. I burned over 450 calories!!

I do have a blister on my right ankle, so I put some moleskin on it. If you have never used moleskin, it is awesome on blisters. We found out about it when we took our kids to Disney World 10 years ago and someone told us to try it. I have used it ever since!

What I learned today: I was able to enjoy Dr. Oz today. Once again I learned something new... Dr. Oz was all about sleep apnea and neck size. Men's neck size should be 17" or under. Women's should be around 15" or under. Anyting bigger is a risk for sleep apnea. Need to go measure my neck, but I know since I have lost much of my weight, I no longer snore and would guess my neck is within the normal range!

Tomorrow: 7 mile day on Grant's trail!! Hoping to jog quite a bit of the 7 miles...stay tuned.

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