Saturday, January 30, 2010

Friday - again....

Kinda like Groundhog Day - the movie, I seem to be having the same run, over and over again!

I get all the way to the second half mile of this run (which happens when I am at 1.75 to 2.25 miles into the run) and I seem to flail. While I still had an excellent overall workout! I took advantage of continuing my walk to 4.25 miles (gearing up for the 1/2 mara) and felt great overall! I also finished in 63 minutes - which is a decent pace.

I did get some advice yesterday to slow down even more. I will add, yesterday I was running at 4.6 instead of 4.5 so I am probably causing my own problems. The 'coach' said that my lactic acid was probably building up by that second 1/2 mile run and if I slowed down, I may be able to alter that feeling of exhaustion.

After failing at my second 1/2, I did do some interval training running for 1 minute at 5mph and walking to cool down. I did that at least 4 times and loved it. I also noted my HR was under 190 the entire time - so all of this is good news!

I did burn over 700 calories after cooling down, situps and crunches.

What I learned today: I brought my clothes to work to workout during lunch - but grabbed my sweatpants instead of capris - I WAS HOT working out in the gym. Preparing properly for the run is KEY! At least I still did the workout - but hated running in pants.

Tomorrow (well, today)... not sure - after burning 700 cals for 3 days in a row - may take today off!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Great workout today!

Today was an "off" C25k day - so I enjoyed a good ole' workout in the gym!

I started with the elliptical. Now the elliptical has taken some time to adjust to, but once I learned to set the tension up to about 8 to slow down my legs (otherwise my legs move so fast they look like one leg), it realllly helped. I find that my feet fall asleep after a few minutes... but I also learned that it is a common problem so I only spent 20 minutes and my feet were tingling!

I then moved on to doing weights - all the leg and arm machines! My average weight was 40 pounds resistance. I also did some free weights, taking time to push the weight limits I am used to!

I then moved on to do 20 minutes on the treadmill at a 4 incline, followed by my favorite situps, crunches and head bangers!

All in all, 700 calorie workout and a great sweat!!

What I learned today: As I felt a pull in my shoulder when lifting weights, I remembered how important it is to take your time and use the proper form when lifting weights.

Tomorrow: Do over on day 3 week 4 of C25k!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Do OVER...

Today was supposed to be the last day of week 4 of C25k.

Well, I tried. I can run the 1/4 mile, and the first 1/2 mile - just can't make it to that second set!

Heart rate was good for the whole time, and I did stay on the treadmill to 3.75 miles so I burned over 700 calories!

I will continue with week 4 until I am comfortable running that 2nd 1/2 mile. Right now I will aim for a good day 3 by Wednesday next week... I will continue to run Friday, Monday and Wednesday.

I am disappointed... but I know I can do this! Friday I will try again - I am close and maybe today was a bad day. I did not hold on the whole time I ran - so that was good!

What I learned today: I don't think I ate well this morning. I had a banana and a latte for breakfast and ran at 11am. Probably should have had some carbs.

Tomorrow: I need to do my BL DVD!!!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ohhhhh.... I know I can do this!

Took a day off yesterday hoping to get some more energy for my run today. Spent yesterday walking through the mall - so not all my time was sitting on the sofa.

Today was my 2nd day of week 4. While still not performing the run at 100%, I need to be happy with where I am. I successfully ran 1.25 miles (without holding on to the treadmill - a problem I needed to overcome). So my success was no holding on... but I was supposed to have run 1.5 miles...ugh. I still did 3 miles relatively quickly, 42:30 which for me is fast. Afterward talked to one of my trainers in the gym... good review of the run and helpful hints.... I need to be patient and keep going!

I will try again on Wednesday for the full run. If I fail again, I have to repeat the week - which is not what I want to do!!

What I learned today: While wearing my compression clothes - I get reallly hot, thinking that is impacting my run...need to come up with a different solution (or a bigger fan on the treadmill!)

Tomorrow: BL DVD!!!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Quick workout

Happy weekend!!

Slept in this morning until 9am - which is way late for me! Woke up and did a little housecleaning, opened my mail (which I usually leave allll week to open on Sat) and then ran some errands. I knew I needed a workout so getting home around noon from errands was the perfect time for a workout.

I wanted to try out my new compression shorts and shirt - so I put them on and got on the treadmill for a mile. My goal was to NOT HOLD ON at ALL (and hopefully not to jiggle as much)!! I SUCCEEDED - no holding on for the entire mile. I ran for 1/4 mile of it and walked the rest... success!!

I also did the BL DVD workout - using my heavy weights - burning over 500 calories when all was said and done.

For a quick workout - I feel great! After the BL workout I usually feel a little sore in the gluets (sp?) but will let you know tomorrow how I really feel.

What I learned today: Do your workout when you are in the zone. I really wanted to do my workout first thing today, but really wasn't in the mood. Upon arriving home at noon, my normal workout time, I could tell it was time for my workout. I LOVE that my body tells me to go workout!

Tomorrow: Some type of workout... maybe DVD again depending on pain level from workout today ;)

Friday, January 22, 2010

I think I can...

I spent the last day and half absolutely obsessed with the fact that I would be running a 1/2 mile today, twice!

Up until today the most I have run is 1/4 mile. I needed to psych myself up for this day...and I did. When I went to bed last night my knee twisted funny, and boy did I want to not run today, using that as an excuse. However, when I awoke this morning, I continued to chant "I can do this"...and my knee didn't hurt that bad.

I knew my run wasn't until 11am so I made sure to eat a big breakfast (1 banana, yogurt and a VitaTop muffin)... I also had an orange around 10am. I am usually a light breakfast eater - but thought I needed the energy to get through the run. (ya, like it was a marathon!)

The run started with 1/4 mile walk (4mph), then a 1/4 mile run (4.8mph), then 1/8 mile walk (3.5mph) and 1/2 mile run(4.5mph). So, I did that much very successfully - to my own amazement. I wasn't fast - as you can see - but I DID RUN.

The next step was to walk for 1/4 mile, run 1/4, walk 1/8 and run 1/2 AGAIN! OK, so now I was getting tired, my HR was up around 185-190 and during the 1/2 mile run I actually took a 1/16 walk after finishing the first 1/4 (really confusing - but read - I wasn't successful at running the second 1/2 because I walked during part of it - but only a very small part!)

Overall - I know I can do better. I found myself grabbing the treadmill during the run, and that has to stop! At the end of the program, I continued my walk to 3 miles, knowing that I jogged a total of 1.49 miles of it is AMAZING to me!! I wasn't so worried about breathing - I guess that is starting to come more naturally and I don't have time to think about it.

Of course, Dr. Oz was on while I was running and that does really keep my attention. At the end of the walk, I also did weights, crunches and head bangers ;)

Overall a VERY successful day!! (burned over 600 calories)

What I learned today: I also realized that my weightloss impacts my running (I jiggle a little too much). After work I went to Sports Authority and bought some compression shorts and long sleeve shirts. Hoping to stop the jiggle and let me run without feeling a pull in the arm or leg in different directions.

Tomorrow: BL DVD!! Maybe a quick walk/run!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Confidence Needed

Today was the final day of Week 3 C25k. While I successfully ran the program, I am lacking confidence to start week 4!

The program for week three has you walk a warmup - then run for 90 seconds (or 1/8 mile) walk 90 seconds (or 1/8 mile), run 3 minutes (or 1/4 mile) walk 3 minutes (or 1/4 mile) then repeat one time... then cool down.

All along I have been running by time vs distance. Since my speed is not fast enough, I NEVER hit the full distance stated... so today I ran for distance. Turns out, my times are almost exactly the same - so I should feel confident to keep going.

Week 4 is where I get nervous. I need to look closer but it does have us running 1/2 mile - twice in the run!!! HOLY COW!!! Can I do it? Will I stroke? What was I thinking when I started this program....HOLY COW!!!

OK, so FRIDAY is the big day. Today I am fighting a cold, I am still sore from my Biggest Loser DVD - but I still ran and succeeded. Tomorrow I decided will be a day off to gear up my confidence for FRIDAY!!!!

So...calm, deep breaths.... I think I can, I think I can... say prayers!!

What I learned today: I am not always confident!!!

Tomorrow: DAY OFF - carb eating may help for Friday.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting in the zone....

Yesterday ANOTHER successful run on the C25k circuit. I completed week 3 day 2. After that workout - I walked until I hit 2 miles, and my heartrate is not running as high (topping out at 186 yesterday). I have had to lower my speed on the run to 4.8 instead of 5 to be able to run for 3 minutes - but I have done it successfully now 4 times!!

After that workout I tried a new Biggest Loser cardio DVD. Now, I really didn't need anymore cardio, but was interested in trying out the dvd. By the end of that workout I had burned almost 900 calories! YOOHOO!!!

So, going to my WW weighin today, saw a loss on my home scale - but a GAIN on my WW scale. Next week should be a great loss because I am absolutely convinced that the scale was wrong.

Tonight - after work and grocery shopping I was pooped...but guilt prevailed and I did the BL DVD again tonight - burning another 300 calories!!

I then cooked a most delicious omelet of olive oil, egg beaters, spinach, low fat cheddar cheese and black pepper - yummmmmm!!

What I learned today: It is so hard to come home from work and be motivated to work out - I am blessed to have a gym at work!

Tomorrow: Finish week 3 of the C25k!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Day...

The quote for the day: I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

I have been neglecting my blog mostly due to charity duties. Friday was my first day of the C25k 3rd week. Happy to report I was very successful, running my required time!! I also did a full weght workout - burning over 500 calories.

Friday night was spent working for the MicroFinancing Partners in Africa (MPA). Saturday was spent working for MPA most of the day. So, Saturday was a day off.

Sunday was a great workout with my daughter, who was home from college for the weekend. We are doing the 1/2 marathon together - so we did a quick 4 miles in the neighborhood. It is good to walk outside and not on the treadmill. We did run partway and she is really good for my pace and form! She was constantly reminding me to put my head up, back straight and lift my legs.

Today I have spent time cleaning house...and will do day two of week 3 in the C25k program and maybe add in a biggest loser workout dvd too!

What I learned today: I have poor posture for running - need to keep that in focus for my runs (it will most definitely help me breathe better too!)...

Tomorrow: weight workout - maybe a class! Yoga? Step??

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Today was my very first yoga class. At the end of class, we went through some wonderful relaxation technique... that made me want to sleep driving home.

Class, on the other hand, was not so relaxing. Let me start prior to class... did a quick 3 minutes on the elliptical to warm up and then did my normal upper body workout and crunches. After burning 100 calories - headed into yoga for 45 minutes - thinking I wouldn't burn any calories. WRONG! I burned 200 calories in yoga, probably because I do not bend the right direction, and leaning forward on my hands with my tail in the air is a tad bit stressful on my body. I could do almost everything, but not sure how graceful I was compared to the others...I was too busy watching the instructor trying to keep up.

I have to admit, I did enjoy the relaxation and the breathing. I am really hoping the breathing will help with my running breathing. Not so sure about some of the positions, but I will continue to try it for a few weeks.

What I learned today: I am more flexible than I think - but definitely have room to grow!

Tomorrow: Week 3 of C25k - day 1!!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 3, Week 2 - C25k....on to WEEK 3!

Well... yesterday ended up being a "non scheduled absense" from working out! Due to some unplanned activities, I was not able to workout. I had hoped to do a yoga class - something I had never done before, but ended up working right through it. Backup plan - do my light workout at home (with those heavy 10lb weights)... but ended up heading to the hospital to help out a friend. Getting home close to midnight kinda ruined my workout plans.

On to today - since it was a late night, I decided to work from home today. That meant my day 3 was on my treadmill - not as nice as my gym treadmill, but it would do. Then I realized that my gym clothes, including my shoes and heart rate monitor, were at work - oh well... still have to workout. I planned on using the HR monitor on my treadmill - ok, bad idea, more about that later. Even though I didn't have my ideal equipment I still had a great workout!

I started at my normal pace for 5 minutes... on to my run at .5 incline and started at a 6mph pace - just to see if I could do it - it lasted for 30 seconds and I paid for it the rest of the workout - but it was fun! (I still swear this treadmill is off pace for the mph - because it seems faster at home at 5mph than my gym treadmill)... anyhoo... finished my workout at the same times as day 1... kinda weird that I was a tad slower than Monday - but not worried - I finished! I walked 3 miles at ~43:30.. but since I didn't have my HR monitor I can't tell you any other statistics. I say ~ 43:30 because based on the pace and where I was at 39, I disconnected (gosh darn it - hit the string that holds the magnet that keeps the machine working - also known as the emergency stop - by accident) at about 39 my last lap added to the 39 mins was about 43:30. Also, my heart rate monitor frequently said I had a HR of 65, 75, 95 etc... so I quickly learned that there is NO accuracy in my HRM (I am never under 100 for my workouts).

I was able to get some situps, crunches and a few weights in at the end - since I missed yesterday. That made for an EXCELLENT workout!

I did enjoy Dr Oz today while working out - and learned that spinach is good for vision... and he talked about caffeine intake. Kinda comical that they were telling us how bad caffeine intake is for our bodies and I just finished my 3rd cup of coffee - oops! But he went on to say that 3 cups of coffee per day is ok! Timing is everything!! I did take a mental note to try Green Tea - he really recommends it as the best drink other than water!
For more info from Dr. Oz - his link is showing in my links on the right ---->

What I learned today: Using "old shoes" is not necessarily a bad thing - was worried that my good shoes were at work, so using my "old" would be bad, but found the change from my normal shoe kinda nice!

Tomorrow: gonna try and make that Yoga class at 4pm!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 2 Day 2 - C25k....

Great day today at the gym.

Arrived at the gym around 3:30pm - which is a little late in the day for me. Walked in and all the treadmills were full... oh no... I HAVE TO RUN today... go to the locker room, take my time changing, hoping there will be a free treadmill when I am ready.

Walk out to the gym and the Workout Gods are smiling on me - there is one treadmill open!! Quickly I claim my turf - grabbing my towel on the way and off I go on my journey! While I watched Jeopardy (well, listened to it - it was on the end tv and hard to see from my angle)... I was going pretty good. Did this workout at a 4mph kickoff walk, 5mph run 90 seconds, 120 second recovery walk at 4 or 3.8 and eventually at 3.5. At 31 minutes I had covered 2.18 miles. At 32:30 I had covered 2.34 (I was walking a little faster this time than last time).

This is where one lesson comes into play - I was in the midst of watching Oprah - and really enjoying it. So instead of just walking 3 miles, I walked for 62 minutes and burned 676 calories and 4.09 miles. :)

My heart rate hit 190 - but did drop appropriately during my recovery walks, and according to my wonderful gym trainer, that was ok! So I am not so worried about topping out that heart rate - but would like to see it steady out as I get better at this!

What I learned today: Don't watch Oprah if you want a fast workout!

Tomorrow: thinking about Yoga to help me work on my breathing - never did a yoga class!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday, Sunday...

Yesterday was my "no excercise day" and today was a light day! I slept for a long time - very rare that I stay in bed more than 6 hours - today it was 8. Woke up this morning and proceeded to throw on those workout clothes and get that workout done. I did my typical upper body workout with crunches and situps. Felt GREAT to get the workout done first thing in the morning.

I did realize that I need to start including more leg workouts - maybe squats or wall sits or bicycles... will consider that as I go through this next week. Also may consider using a band for more muscle workouts...nothing like a little diversity!

Tomorrow: Day 2 of Week 2 of C25K!
What I learned today: Doing situps in the a.m. with a stiff back is tough and stretching didn't help. Don't sleep so long and maybe your back won't be stiff!

Friday, January 8, 2010

C25K Week 2, Day 1.... survived!

Made it! Phew!

Week two is the next level of the program. This week I will run for 90 seconds and recover for 2 minutes... with a 5 min warmup and cooldown. Total time was 32:30 min and it was successful!

After getting into the gym and hopping on my favorite treadmill, started my warmup and made it to my first 90 second run - then realized I forgot my sweat towel. Ugh...decided against getting off the treadmill to get it...wanted to finish... so onward I went. I was pretty enthralled watching Dr. Oz, tracking my HR (imagine balancing a paper and pen while walking quickly on a treadmill and trying to write down legible numbers while sweating profusely) and watching the clock - that the extra 30 seconds each run didn't really seem too horrible! Overall the run time was a total of 10 minutes... and that is fantastic for me! By 31 minutes I had covered 2.17 miles which is the furthest distance thus far in 31 minutes :)

By the time I finished my 3 miles it was 43:30 which is the same time as Monday - but I did walk a little slower. I was surprised that I only burned 490 calories. Silly for some, but for me that means my HR was a little more managed than in previous workouts. I did focus on breathing trying to get my HR so much lower during my walks. The bad news is I did top out my HR at 189...UGH! Way too high!! Hoping that my day off this weekend and my weights day tomorrow will allow adequate rest and by Monday I don't have such a high HR. Only time will tell.

Tomorrow: Breakfast out with one sister, dinner out with the other sister - oh, and a weights workout in the middle!

What I learned today: don't forget your sweat towel!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Today was a nice day of staying inside :) and enjoying the view of snow! We only received about 3 inches, but the dog liked it!

I was fortunate to work from home today - however, when I work from home, I tend to stay on the sofa with the computer on my lap. I get stiff from sitting still so long - I get sooo focused on work, and before you know it 6 hours is gone and I haven't moved - so not sure working from home is good for my health! (Great for my mood - to avoid driving in the snow...just not healthy to sit still so darn long!)

I was pretty tired after my hard workout yesterday, but I felt GREAT today. Really suprisingly great! Energized... kinda caught offguard by feeling good after feeling so poorly yesterday after my workout.

I did add a banana yesterday and today to my diet - and noticed no leg cramps - so very happy about that! I know that food balance is really important to workouts, so I am focusing more on that too. I am also cutting out soda (or at least not drinking it before a "run" day)... my son's cross country coaches always lectured against carbonation for wondering if that may help my breathing??

I finally did my "light" workout around 5pm tonight. Burned just over 100 calories doing my typical upper body weight routine, along with wall pushups (eventually I'll get to the floor ones) and of course 50 crunches, 30 situps with my 10lb weight and 30 head bangers :) with my heavy 10lb weight.

It was a nice workout - not too strenuous -but definitely feel it in the arms!

Tomorrow: Week 2, day 1 of the C25k! Very excited about this!!
What I learned today: I need to get off the sofa more when I work from home!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 3 of C25K....still kickin!!

First and foremost - thanks for the kind words! Hoping this becomes a discussion thread eventually - would love to know what others are doing!

Well, I survived my first week on the Couch to 5 K! Overview: Decided to try and kill myself today by increasing my speed... kinda regretted that decision...because it resulted in me walking at a slower pace to recover! I ran the first 4 of my 1 minute runs at 5.2mph (instead of 5) and the remaining 5 runs at 5mph - which is an improvement overall, but it did hurt me in the end. My total distance was 2.14 in 31minutes -and it could be better, but I was taking my recovery walk at a slower pace because my HR was pretty high again - 187 was the highest!! After the 31 minutes, I did finish the walk to my standard 3 miles in 44:04 minutes (a little slower than Monday).

Overall - thrilled that I finished my first week and kinda happy I tried to go faster - but found it unnecessary. I really need to focus my breathing so I can keep my Heart Rate in focus... which means I really should keep it around 5pmh. Also, still fighting a blister on the back of my heal - two layers of moleskin let me get through today. Tomorrow I will try and stay out of shoes so I can heal the heel. I think I will have to shop for some newer shoes... not sure if that is a bad thing or a good thing!

What I learned today: Faster isn't necessarily better. Maybe that is the same as saying quality over quantity! I need to focus on form and breathing before I worry about speed and distance.

Tomorrow: Easy, easy day - situps and weights - no aerobics for me!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Love my gym...

So today I went to Weight Watchers ...ugh... the first weigh in of the year... Not too bad, but did gain 4.4 pounds over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. So, yet another reason to continue to workout!!

By the time I arrived at the gym, it was packed...all the treadmills and ellipticals were full, I was late for class... but the bikes were free. Glad I wasn't counting on any certain workout and could be flexible...headed for the lonely bike. Now, I love to bike outside, the challange of traffic (both people traffic on trails ;) and car traffic), but I am NOT a fan of the bike in a gym. Apparently, I am not alone based on the fact that the only piece of equipment not being used by the rather full gym, was the bike.

I guess some people feel that way about the treadmill and would rather walk outside... I personally love the treadmill, hate the indoor bike. But I surprised myself today - put on my iPod, cranked the resistance on the bike up to 8 and went for a quick 10 minute ride. I burned over 100 calories, so it was a little more aerobic than I expected, but I was pedalling pretty fast.

After the bike I did some of the weight machines, which are wonderful. Worked abs, legs and upper arms! Much nicer than just plain old lifting weights. However, didn't want the weights to feel lonely so did my typical dead lifts, kickbacks and overhead lifts (but I did only use the 7.5lb weight which I like sooo much more than my 10lb heavy weights at home!). I also did 50 crunches and stretched. After about 25 minutes burned over 225 calories. For a light day, it was perfect! Barely broke a sweat but felt like a nice workout!!

What I learned today: I can get a cardio workout on a bike!

Tomorrow: day 3 of my C25K... the last day of the first week!!! YAAAAA!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

C25K Day 2

Success! I did much better on my walk/run today using the equipment at the gym. My pace was faster covering 2.16 miles in 31 minutes of the program, and doing 3 miles in 43:30 burning a total of 566 calories! My high heart rate was again 187 - so really hoping to see that improve over time. I have to remind myself that when I first started dieting and exercising, I could walk 2 miles in 1 hour-so I know progress is possible.

I also added an incline today - that tends to help my knees feel less stress, but that is just what I prefer.

I was watching Dr. Oz while I was on the treadmill today and his show was all about weight loss. I absolutely cringe when people say "I can't lose weight because I feed my family every night, and I just eat what I make them"... ok, so why are you feeding them poorly? Why can't they eat healthy too? Just think of the lifelong habits you will be teaching... ugh! Ok, rant over!

He did confirm a fact I heard yesterday, that your waist should never be more than half you height. That is something new for me, never heard it before, but now I have a new measurment to aim for!! Amazing how much I can remember from TV when I am huffing and puffing and trying not to fall off the treadmill :)

What I learned today: I am starting to get cramps in my legs... so I think I need to add a banana to my daily diet. I did start taking my vitamin daily, so now I will add a banana for the potassium.

Tomorrow: haven't decided what my workout will be tomorrow - but it will be at least 20 minutes of something in the gym... either bicycle, weight machines, elliptical, or maybe a favorite class or any combination... depending on what machines are free and what time I get to the gym!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3... bump on a log!

Well... it took awhile to get moving today, but eventually I dragged myself away from the TV (after watching 2 movies) and went upstairs to do my weight/situp routine. Pretty standard stuff... warmed up with leg lifts and stretches, then work out included my heavy, heavy 10lb dumbells - doing 12 sets of hammer curls x 2, 12 overhead lifts x2, 12 dead lifts x2 and my favorite, the upper arm kickback 12 x2 sets! I also did 12 wall pushups...really cannot do a pushup to save my life - but that will have to be a future goal. Once on the floor, I did 50 crunches and 30 situps holding my 10lb weight and my head bangers (described on day 1), I also did 20 crunches with my feet overhead - reaching for my toes... something we do in a class that is a FANTASTIC crunch. After 20 minutes of this total workout I burned a whoppin 100 calories - but I did get up and MOVE! I should add, I also spend time stretching after all my workouts.

Tomorrow is day 2 of the Couch to 5K program - so for dinner tonight, I had a healthy whole wheat spaghetti and heart healthy Prego spaghetti sauce. Hoping the carbs help out tomorrow during my 2nd day of the workout!

What I learned today? More like what I remembered today... Moleskin is a lifesaver for those blisters! If you haven't tried it - you can get it at any pharmacy or Wal Mart store. We can't have enough in this house!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday 1/2/2010 - mission accomplished...

Measurements - CHECK! Measured every fat part of my body and it wasn't pretty - but I have the numbers... can't wait to check out progress in Feb! I encourage you to do the same... at a minimum you should measure upper arm, waist, thigh, hip, chest... I also measured my calf.

C25K - This is a 9 week training program to get running a 5k in 9 weeks. Wow - today was tough - hoping it was hard because 1- I was on an old treadmill and maybe the speed was off ;) or 2 - becuase the basement was hot with our woodburning stove and I was breathing fumes... either way, I did it! I ran for a total of 9 minutes at 5mph. My highest Heart Rate (HR) was 187... when I walked, I walked at 3.8 to start then half way - took my recovery walks at 3.0... I really needed those slower walks so I wasn't panting too horribly. After the 31 min walk/run combo - I did an additional mile at 3.5mph with an incline of 1 - ending with a total 48 minute workout - only doing 3 miles, which is really kinda slow for my normal walk (I love to walk at 4mph) but this running is really hard for me to breath - so that is what I need to get better at. I did burn 540 calories during this 48 minutes.

After my workout - I had energy to take down all my Christmas decorations, go car shopping, out to dinner and shopping with family. I do believe I get more energy when I workout!

What I learned today - DO NOT run with a hole in your sock! My sock had a hole by the big toe - and now I have a sore there... lesson learned!!

Tomorrow: Weights again - probably only 10-20 minutes just for the toning!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Todays accomplishments...tomorrows goals!

So, Day 1 of 2010... after having some great workouts for the week prior to the New Year - I decided to keep today's workout light and focus on trouble spots - belly and upper arms! 50 crunches, 20 situps (holding a 10lb weight) and many, many arm workouts (total workout time 15 minutes!). I prefer to use 7.5lb weights - but only had 10lb weights at 2 sets of 12 arm lifts over the head - never letting the elbow drop below the shoulder, 2 sets 12 bicep curl, 2 sets 12 hammer curls, 20 dead weight lifts (floor to overhead), 2 sets of 12 "head bangers" (not sure what these are really called - but you lay on the floor with your arms extended straight up - over your chest - 1 weight held with both hands - you can use a weight bar too... then lower hands toward your head, bending at the elbow, keeping your elbows still - and NOT banging your head with the weight)... a great workout for that saggy upper arm tricep!
I also did 12 tricep kickbacks

My arms are feeling it now! Tomorrow I will do my first body measurements for the year. I will also officially start my couch to 5k running program!

Day 1....For my health

I am an average woman - not of ideal weight... needing to move....

Do you move? Do you like to move? Do you prefer sitting to read, internet surf, watch TV? Too many of us do not MOVE enough - and I am no exception. Having lost over 80 pounds during the last two years, (and still needing to lose 50 more) I am starting to learn the value of moving! I am not a doctor, and do know that you should have doctors approval to start an excercise program. I also recommend a good fitting pair of tennis shoes - fitted by a good sports/running store. I also use a heart monitor to track 2 things - my current heart rate and my calories burned. The latter is a perk - it is costly (~$80) but love mine!

Too many years have gone by with little or no movement. I know I can move and I am LUCKY I can move ~ why do I insist on wasting that gift?? My legs work, my back works... the ankles and knees are in fair shape...Is it laziness? Boredom? Preference to play on the computer... I do not know - but I do know that I MUST MOVE for my health. Scientific studies are out there that say excercise is key to a long, healthy life. With the weight I have lost thus far, my blood pressure is reduced enough to take me off the medication I was on. That is a huge accomplishment. I can accomplish goals I have only dreamed of - and I want it to continue for years to come.

When I exercise - I feel wonderful (gotta luv the endorphins). When I don't, I feel lumpy, lazy and blah!

I am new at this workout thing... well kinda new. I can really say in the last 2 years I have worked out more than EVER before in my life (and I am in my mid-40's). I am no longer shy about going to the gym, fat or not! I would rather be there than sitting at home... getting lumpy! I have worked out enough to walk 2- 1/2 marathons (notice I said walk), participate in 2 - mini triathlons... (yes, participate and finish - but by no means was I in the lead!)... My goal by participating is to just keep moving. I believe it is best to work out in some form or fashion, and I am going to aim for 6 days out of 7. In the past I was happy with 3 or 4 days a week.

So this is my blog... a place to track my progress, share my victories...and bad days too! I do NOT always want to workout - but KNOW that I MUST! I will track my progress on this site, give any new learned hints and tricks... and any new scientific learning (or just fun facts) along the way!