Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I am moving!!!

Well, on the treadmill at least! Today, for the first day in MY LIFE, I jogged for 1 mile straight!!! Very exciting...kept my heart rate pretty constant at around 170 and felt like I could have kept on jogging at the end ~ yet I didn't ~ but I did walk for a total of 3.75 miles! My jog pace was 4.6 for the first 1/2 mile then 4.5 for the second half. Slow but consistent!!!

I realized once again that this is a head game! While I felt pretty good the whole time, I get impatient trying to get to that mile, and want to run faster... then I just get bored...and want to stop. I need to remember that I can keep going and push for the 2 mile marker and really feel I could make it just need to work on what my head is thinking!!!

My feet feel great in my new shoes which is a huge plus - my old shoes were starting to hurt. Hoping tomorrow I feel this good :)

What I learned today: First of all I love working out mid day. LOVE IT. According to Dr Oz (I only caught a part of his show today as I was panting on the treadmill) aspargus can help your mood specifically sadness, lemons can help stress and brazil nuts can help anxiety! Love to learn how to feed the body for healthy benefits!!

Tomorrow: Looking for a workout time....gonna be another crazy day!

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