Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh I am getting behind....which is better than a big behind ;)

Busy, busy, busy!! My last post was over a week ago - shame on me!!

Well, last Friday I drove to Kansas City to visit my son who turned 19 last week. I did a lot of walking in KC and managed to get a 2.5 mile walk/run in on Saturday in the hotel workout room. Of course, we also ate a ton of great food (PF Changs and Fogo de Chao are the culprits here)... but it was a great weekend!

On our way home, I stopped at one of my favorite running stores for shoes. After a reallllly long wait, they put me in some new running shoes. Unfortunately, Monday and Tuesday were extraordinarly busy - very unusual .... so they ended up being days with NO workouts :( but Wednesday I was at work and had a chance to burn 500 calories on a quick 4 mile walk/run and weights, testing out my new shoes.

Unfortunately, I decided my shoes were too big - in their width. So....back to the store they went. I was able to get a regular pair (why he put me in WIDE I have NO idea)... so today was my first day to try them out! I did a 6 mile walk/run on the Grants Trail (a great local trail in St. Louis). It was a fabulous walk/run and feet feel GREAT!! I burned 1200+ calories! (good thing because we are heading to a dinner auction this evening!) I am still coughing :( so hoping that lingering cold does go away.

Tomorrow: I will also do some sort of workout as we are possibly going out to dinner tomorrow night as well.

What I learned today: (Well last weekend) when I worked out in the gym at the hotel, I realized yet again, that all treadmills are different. I could walk at 4.5mph on that treadmill, yet my treadmill at work requires a run at 4.5, as does my home treadmill!! It is not all about MPH!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Today was a surpisingly good day! My cold is just about gone, I didn't hurt too much from my "long" 6 miles yesterday and I remembered my workout clothes for a good workout in the gym at work!

Finally made it to the gym at 1pm - did 22 minutes of elliptical - burning about 300 calories! I then did weight machines, challenging myself to increase the weight one level on the dip machine (15 pounds). While I couldn't pull off 12 dips in a row (or 12 pull ups in a row) ... I did do 12 reps of each - taking a rest after 8 reps - but finishing with 12! I also did machines, free weights, leg lifts and situps and crunches.

Made it back to my desk for a meeting, which meant it was 3pm before I was eating my sandwhich! I did eat my veggies and some fruit around 11am because I knew it would be a late lunch day.

This afternoon I felt AMAZINGLY stronger... alert, awake, energized - there is NOTHING like a mid day workout. I guess it is easy to feel stronger when one has so much strength to build!!

What I learned today: I set the elliptical at 6 and powered through 22 minutes... I normally set it a little higher (around 9 or 10)... I like 6 - it is a little faster and more aerobic!

Tomorrow: Hoping to restart the C25k at week 5 tomorrow!!!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday - already!?!?

Wow - the week is flying by. Monday was a work holiday, but ended up spending half my day volunteering and not finding time for a workout (and I was a tad bit sore from Sunday)...

Tuesday was a day of teaching...all day long .... not my normal activity - and it showed when I arrived home around 4pm and took a 2 hour nap! No workout Tuesday either :(

Today I made up for both days. I did a 6 mile run/walk. I finished in 93 minutes and I am very pleased with that!! I did a few weights and stretches afterward, but nothing special. I am glad I was able to get 6 miles in tonight - definitely need it for the training on the half marathon.

What I learned today: I did have a lot of foot pain walking especially as I passed my 4 mile mark - all from my current shoes! I need to get some new ones soon and break them in for the race.

Tomorrow: weights and situps - need some core workout!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

I'm back!!!

Well, last Saturday I spent the day house cleaning, followed by Biggest Loser (BL) DVD and Wii playing... burning over 1000 calories!

Sunday, I came down with a horrible cold. Spent Monday and Tuesday home sick from work and didn't work out all week!

Yesterday (Saturday) I went for a 4 mile walk/run with my daughter. We ran probably 1.5 miles of the walk - it was a GREAT workout and felt wonderful to be working out again!

Today I did a 2.5 mile walk/run on the treadmill followed by a BL DVD. I did some very short sprints at 6mph on the treadmill, starting to push the speed a little bit more. I LOVE the DVD - and I am currently doing the week 1/2 cardio. I decided that the next time I do the DVD I am moving on to week 3/4 - feeling as if I mastered week 1/2.

I did burn over 700 calories today - so I feel like I am getting "back" to where I was after taking a week off.

What I learned today: My inner thigh is killing me - especially when I jog. Probably didn't stretch enough yesterday after my run-must remember to stretch and cool down properly. Thanks to BOB on the BL DVD, yoga at the end of the workout is a great cool down - so hoping to feel a little better tomorrow.

Tomorrow: more working out - would LOVE to go on the Grant's trail and do 6 miles - but it is sleeting out right now, so not too hopeful.

Friday, February 5, 2010

OH what a beautiful day!

Today was day one of Week 5 of the C25k.

The program for today was walk 1/4 mile, run 1/2, walk 1/4, run 1/2, walk 1/4, run 1/2.

I was afraid that with all my "trouble" getting through week 4 that it would be impossible.

Happy to report I was WRONG! I actually ran my first 1/2 mile and actually had a GREAT heart rate and felt pretty good! Still unsure I could make it, I ran my second 1/2 mile and still didn't feel too bad and my HR was still pretty decent (under 180). On my third half, I watched my HR go up to 183... thinking oh no... but I DID IT! I was able to control my heart rate based on my pace. Of course, it wasn't the fastest pace, but it was a jog!!! I finished my run with a few "sprints" at 5mph and walked until I hit 4.2 miles.

This really is a head game! My breathing was pretty good...amazing...just amazing!
I worked out after my run, burning over 700 calories today :)

Yesterday I worked out with the elliptical, core tightening class and weights. Imagine my surprise when I opened my workout bag, pulled out my sox and realized I have a pink Adidas sock and a blue Nike sock. Don't think anyone noticed (but it was worth a good giggle). I burned a measly 500 calories - but it felt great!

What I learned today: I can do it!! You can do it!!
Tomorrow: Not sure - crazy schedule tomorrow...but some calorie burn for sure! Maybe a BL workout DVD :) and some possible house cleaning!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


YAYAYAYAY!!! I did my entire week 4 run all the way through and even went 3.5 miles total (instead of the prescribed 2.5 miles!)

I started my day working from home, went to the funeral of a family friend, and returned to work from home. Sad day, God bless Grandma T (my nieces Grandma).

I had to get my run in. Unfortunately work gets in the way ;) so I couldn't run at my normal 11am. Arriving home from the funeral finished my work day (so I wouldn't lose focus) then headed down to my treadmill. I was thrilled - not sure I was going to make it, but I did it! I even took advantage of walking very slow, and doing some sprints at 5mph at the end of the run... just to see if I could. My total distance was over 3.5 miles and I burned over 500 calories.

Then I just had to go and play on my new Wii! I spent at least a half hour still learning some of the games, and giggling through them all! Very excellent toy!!!

My goal was to burn 1000 calories- and I did it!!! 2 successes in one day - WOW!!

What I learned: I really think running is a head game. When I am pooped, I look at my heart rate monitor and my HR is not as high as it has been... so I know I should keep going... it is all in my mind!!!

Going to early breakfast with my Dad for his 76th birthday :) and who knows what workout - maybe I'll try to burn another 1000 calories!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

February.... life goes on!

Yesterday was my BIRTHDAY! I turned 45 and I received a toy for my birthday. It was a Wii and a Wii Fit Plus! Must admit, it is nice to be 45 and play with toys! I did a quick run on the treadmill and then did a Wii workout - burning over 800 calories! I loved the downhill skiing!

My daughter made a great cake, very low cal and delicious!

Today was a run day. As mentioned in my last post, my goal was to slow down. I have also read that many folks struggle with week 4... so I feel a little better about struggling this week.

Today I slowed down. I ran at 4.5 the entire time. I AM SOOOO CLOSE to running the entire week 4 run... just not quite there. I walked 1/8 of the last 1/2 mile, but that was it! Wednesday is the day. My goal is to run the entire program as I should!! I only burned 500 cals today, but that was ok!

I did take measurements yesterday, and I have lost an inch in my waist, arms and thighs. I lost 1/4 inch in my calves. Very happy with the loss, however, my weight remains stable :( very sad when I have stayed on my WW program non stop all month. Oh well, I will just hold out and see what February will bring.

What I learned today:
I didn't get to my workout until 4:40 today...and had to wait for a treadmill. I wasn't as full of energy as I usually am at 11am... need to stick with my mid day workout time or make sure to eat right in the afternoon for an energy boost at 5pm!

day off!!!