Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh I am getting behind....which is better than a big behind ;)

Busy, busy, busy!! My last post was over a week ago - shame on me!!

Well, last Friday I drove to Kansas City to visit my son who turned 19 last week. I did a lot of walking in KC and managed to get a 2.5 mile walk/run in on Saturday in the hotel workout room. Of course, we also ate a ton of great food (PF Changs and Fogo de Chao are the culprits here)... but it was a great weekend!

On our way home, I stopped at one of my favorite running stores for shoes. After a reallllly long wait, they put me in some new running shoes. Unfortunately, Monday and Tuesday were extraordinarly busy - very unusual .... so they ended up being days with NO workouts :( but Wednesday I was at work and had a chance to burn 500 calories on a quick 4 mile walk/run and weights, testing out my new shoes.

Unfortunately, I decided my shoes were too big - in their width. So....back to the store they went. I was able to get a regular pair (why he put me in WIDE I have NO idea)... so today was my first day to try them out! I did a 6 mile walk/run on the Grants Trail (a great local trail in St. Louis). It was a fabulous walk/run and feet feel GREAT!! I burned 1200+ calories! (good thing because we are heading to a dinner auction this evening!) I am still coughing :( so hoping that lingering cold does go away.

Tomorrow: I will also do some sort of workout as we are possibly going out to dinner tomorrow night as well.

What I learned today: (Well last weekend) when I worked out in the gym at the hotel, I realized yet again, that all treadmills are different. I could walk at 4.5mph on that treadmill, yet my treadmill at work requires a run at 4.5, as does my home treadmill!! It is not all about MPH!!

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