Wednesday, February 3, 2010


YAYAYAYAY!!! I did my entire week 4 run all the way through and even went 3.5 miles total (instead of the prescribed 2.5 miles!)

I started my day working from home, went to the funeral of a family friend, and returned to work from home. Sad day, God bless Grandma T (my nieces Grandma).

I had to get my run in. Unfortunately work gets in the way ;) so I couldn't run at my normal 11am. Arriving home from the funeral finished my work day (so I wouldn't lose focus) then headed down to my treadmill. I was thrilled - not sure I was going to make it, but I did it! I even took advantage of walking very slow, and doing some sprints at 5mph at the end of the run... just to see if I could. My total distance was over 3.5 miles and I burned over 500 calories.

Then I just had to go and play on my new Wii! I spent at least a half hour still learning some of the games, and giggling through them all! Very excellent toy!!!

My goal was to burn 1000 calories- and I did it!!! 2 successes in one day - WOW!!

What I learned: I really think running is a head game. When I am pooped, I look at my heart rate monitor and my HR is not as high as it has been... so I know I should keep going... it is all in my mind!!!

Going to early breakfast with my Dad for his 76th birthday :) and who knows what workout - maybe I'll try to burn another 1000 calories!!!

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