Friday, February 5, 2010

OH what a beautiful day!

Today was day one of Week 5 of the C25k.

The program for today was walk 1/4 mile, run 1/2, walk 1/4, run 1/2, walk 1/4, run 1/2.

I was afraid that with all my "trouble" getting through week 4 that it would be impossible.

Happy to report I was WRONG! I actually ran my first 1/2 mile and actually had a GREAT heart rate and felt pretty good! Still unsure I could make it, I ran my second 1/2 mile and still didn't feel too bad and my HR was still pretty decent (under 180). On my third half, I watched my HR go up to 183... thinking oh no... but I DID IT! I was able to control my heart rate based on my pace. Of course, it wasn't the fastest pace, but it was a jog!!! I finished my run with a few "sprints" at 5mph and walked until I hit 4.2 miles.

This really is a head game! My breathing was pretty good...amazing...just amazing!
I worked out after my run, burning over 700 calories today :)

Yesterday I worked out with the elliptical, core tightening class and weights. Imagine my surprise when I opened my workout bag, pulled out my sox and realized I have a pink Adidas sock and a blue Nike sock. Don't think anyone noticed (but it was worth a good giggle). I burned a measly 500 calories - but it felt great!

What I learned today: I can do it!! You can do it!!
Tomorrow: Not sure - crazy schedule tomorrow...but some calorie burn for sure! Maybe a BL workout DVD :) and some possible house cleaning!!

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