Thursday, February 18, 2010

Happy Thursday!

Today was a surpisingly good day! My cold is just about gone, I didn't hurt too much from my "long" 6 miles yesterday and I remembered my workout clothes for a good workout in the gym at work!

Finally made it to the gym at 1pm - did 22 minutes of elliptical - burning about 300 calories! I then did weight machines, challenging myself to increase the weight one level on the dip machine (15 pounds). While I couldn't pull off 12 dips in a row (or 12 pull ups in a row) ... I did do 12 reps of each - taking a rest after 8 reps - but finishing with 12! I also did machines, free weights, leg lifts and situps and crunches.

Made it back to my desk for a meeting, which meant it was 3pm before I was eating my sandwhich! I did eat my veggies and some fruit around 11am because I knew it would be a late lunch day.

This afternoon I felt AMAZINGLY stronger... alert, awake, energized - there is NOTHING like a mid day workout. I guess it is easy to feel stronger when one has so much strength to build!!

What I learned today: I set the elliptical at 6 and powered through 22 minutes... I normally set it a little higher (around 9 or 10)... I like 6 - it is a little faster and more aerobic!

Tomorrow: Hoping to restart the C25k at week 5 tomorrow!!!

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