Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wednesday - already!?!?

Wow - the week is flying by. Monday was a work holiday, but ended up spending half my day volunteering and not finding time for a workout (and I was a tad bit sore from Sunday)...

Tuesday was a day of teaching...all day long .... not my normal activity - and it showed when I arrived home around 4pm and took a 2 hour nap! No workout Tuesday either :(

Today I made up for both days. I did a 6 mile run/walk. I finished in 93 minutes and I am very pleased with that!! I did a few weights and stretches afterward, but nothing special. I am glad I was able to get 6 miles in tonight - definitely need it for the training on the half marathon.

What I learned today: I did have a lot of foot pain walking especially as I passed my 4 mile mark - all from my current shoes! I need to get some new ones soon and break them in for the race.

Tomorrow: weights and situps - need some core workout!!

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