Saturday, January 2, 2010

Saturday 1/2/2010 - mission accomplished...

Measurements - CHECK! Measured every fat part of my body and it wasn't pretty - but I have the numbers... can't wait to check out progress in Feb! I encourage you to do the same... at a minimum you should measure upper arm, waist, thigh, hip, chest... I also measured my calf.

C25K - This is a 9 week training program to get running a 5k in 9 weeks. Wow - today was tough - hoping it was hard because 1- I was on an old treadmill and maybe the speed was off ;) or 2 - becuase the basement was hot with our woodburning stove and I was breathing fumes... either way, I did it! I ran for a total of 9 minutes at 5mph. My highest Heart Rate (HR) was 187... when I walked, I walked at 3.8 to start then half way - took my recovery walks at 3.0... I really needed those slower walks so I wasn't panting too horribly. After the 31 min walk/run combo - I did an additional mile at 3.5mph with an incline of 1 - ending with a total 48 minute workout - only doing 3 miles, which is really kinda slow for my normal walk (I love to walk at 4mph) but this running is really hard for me to breath - so that is what I need to get better at. I did burn 540 calories during this 48 minutes.

After my workout - I had energy to take down all my Christmas decorations, go car shopping, out to dinner and shopping with family. I do believe I get more energy when I workout!

What I learned today - DO NOT run with a hole in your sock! My sock had a hole by the big toe - and now I have a sore there... lesson learned!!

Tomorrow: Weights again - probably only 10-20 minutes just for the toning!

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