Friday, January 8, 2010

C25K Week 2, Day 1.... survived!

Made it! Phew!

Week two is the next level of the program. This week I will run for 90 seconds and recover for 2 minutes... with a 5 min warmup and cooldown. Total time was 32:30 min and it was successful!

After getting into the gym and hopping on my favorite treadmill, started my warmup and made it to my first 90 second run - then realized I forgot my sweat towel. Ugh...decided against getting off the treadmill to get it...wanted to finish... so onward I went. I was pretty enthralled watching Dr. Oz, tracking my HR (imagine balancing a paper and pen while walking quickly on a treadmill and trying to write down legible numbers while sweating profusely) and watching the clock - that the extra 30 seconds each run didn't really seem too horrible! Overall the run time was a total of 10 minutes... and that is fantastic for me! By 31 minutes I had covered 2.17 miles which is the furthest distance thus far in 31 minutes :)

By the time I finished my 3 miles it was 43:30 which is the same time as Monday - but I did walk a little slower. I was surprised that I only burned 490 calories. Silly for some, but for me that means my HR was a little more managed than in previous workouts. I did focus on breathing trying to get my HR so much lower during my walks. The bad news is I did top out my HR at 189...UGH! Way too high!! Hoping that my day off this weekend and my weights day tomorrow will allow adequate rest and by Monday I don't have such a high HR. Only time will tell.

Tomorrow: Breakfast out with one sister, dinner out with the other sister - oh, and a weights workout in the middle!

What I learned today: don't forget your sweat towel!

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