Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Love my gym...

So today I went to Weight Watchers ...ugh... the first weigh in of the year... Not too bad, but did gain 4.4 pounds over the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. So, yet another reason to continue to workout!!

By the time I arrived at the gym, it was packed...all the treadmills and ellipticals were full, I was late for class... but the bikes were free. Glad I wasn't counting on any certain workout and could be flexible...headed for the lonely bike. Now, I love to bike outside, the challange of traffic (both people traffic on trails ;) and car traffic), but I am NOT a fan of the bike in a gym. Apparently, I am not alone based on the fact that the only piece of equipment not being used by the rather full gym, was the bike.

I guess some people feel that way about the treadmill and would rather walk outside... I personally love the treadmill, hate the indoor bike. But I surprised myself today - put on my iPod, cranked the resistance on the bike up to 8 and went for a quick 10 minute ride. I burned over 100 calories, so it was a little more aerobic than I expected, but I was pedalling pretty fast.

After the bike I did some of the weight machines, which are wonderful. Worked abs, legs and upper arms! Much nicer than just plain old lifting weights. However, didn't want the weights to feel lonely so did my typical dead lifts, kickbacks and overhead lifts (but I did only use the 7.5lb weight which I like sooo much more than my 10lb heavy weights at home!). I also did 50 crunches and stretched. After about 25 minutes burned over 225 calories. For a light day, it was perfect! Barely broke a sweat but felt like a nice workout!!

What I learned today: I can get a cardio workout on a bike!

Tomorrow: day 3 of my C25K... the last day of the first week!!! YAAAAA!!!

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