Friday, January 1, 2010

Day 1....For my health

I am an average woman - not of ideal weight... needing to move....

Do you move? Do you like to move? Do you prefer sitting to read, internet surf, watch TV? Too many of us do not MOVE enough - and I am no exception. Having lost over 80 pounds during the last two years, (and still needing to lose 50 more) I am starting to learn the value of moving! I am not a doctor, and do know that you should have doctors approval to start an excercise program. I also recommend a good fitting pair of tennis shoes - fitted by a good sports/running store. I also use a heart monitor to track 2 things - my current heart rate and my calories burned. The latter is a perk - it is costly (~$80) but love mine!

Too many years have gone by with little or no movement. I know I can move and I am LUCKY I can move ~ why do I insist on wasting that gift?? My legs work, my back works... the ankles and knees are in fair shape...Is it laziness? Boredom? Preference to play on the computer... I do not know - but I do know that I MUST MOVE for my health. Scientific studies are out there that say excercise is key to a long, healthy life. With the weight I have lost thus far, my blood pressure is reduced enough to take me off the medication I was on. That is a huge accomplishment. I can accomplish goals I have only dreamed of - and I want it to continue for years to come.

When I exercise - I feel wonderful (gotta luv the endorphins). When I don't, I feel lumpy, lazy and blah!

I am new at this workout thing... well kinda new. I can really say in the last 2 years I have worked out more than EVER before in my life (and I am in my mid-40's). I am no longer shy about going to the gym, fat or not! I would rather be there than sitting at home... getting lumpy! I have worked out enough to walk 2- 1/2 marathons (notice I said walk), participate in 2 - mini triathlons... (yes, participate and finish - but by no means was I in the lead!)... My goal by participating is to just keep moving. I believe it is best to work out in some form or fashion, and I am going to aim for 6 days out of 7. In the past I was happy with 3 or 4 days a week.

So this is my blog... a place to track my progress, share my victories...and bad days too! I do NOT always want to workout - but KNOW that I MUST! I will track my progress on this site, give any new learned hints and tricks... and any new scientific learning (or just fun facts) along the way!


  1. Hey, it is so great what you allready have achieved. Go for it, I think it is so true all you have written and I can recognize my own thoughts when I started to run 4 years ago. Marianne Brock

  2. Its so good to see your blog. Keep those postings coming...I will be looking forward to reading them every day....hopefully it will keep me from falling off the wagon.

  3. Hi Ladies - one day at a time - right?? That is how fast life day at a time!