Thursday, January 28, 2010

Great workout today!

Today was an "off" C25k day - so I enjoyed a good ole' workout in the gym!

I started with the elliptical. Now the elliptical has taken some time to adjust to, but once I learned to set the tension up to about 8 to slow down my legs (otherwise my legs move so fast they look like one leg), it realllly helped. I find that my feet fall asleep after a few minutes... but I also learned that it is a common problem so I only spent 20 minutes and my feet were tingling!

I then moved on to doing weights - all the leg and arm machines! My average weight was 40 pounds resistance. I also did some free weights, taking time to push the weight limits I am used to!

I then moved on to do 20 minutes on the treadmill at a 4 incline, followed by my favorite situps, crunches and head bangers!

All in all, 700 calorie workout and a great sweat!!

What I learned today: As I felt a pull in my shoulder when lifting weights, I remembered how important it is to take your time and use the proper form when lifting weights.

Tomorrow: Do over on day 3 week 4 of C25k!

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