Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting in the zone....

Yesterday ANOTHER successful run on the C25k circuit. I completed week 3 day 2. After that workout - I walked until I hit 2 miles, and my heartrate is not running as high (topping out at 186 yesterday). I have had to lower my speed on the run to 4.8 instead of 5 to be able to run for 3 minutes - but I have done it successfully now 4 times!!

After that workout I tried a new Biggest Loser cardio DVD. Now, I really didn't need anymore cardio, but was interested in trying out the dvd. By the end of that workout I had burned almost 900 calories! YOOHOO!!!

So, going to my WW weighin today, saw a loss on my home scale - but a GAIN on my WW scale. Next week should be a great loss because I am absolutely convinced that the scale was wrong.

Tonight - after work and grocery shopping I was pooped...but guilt prevailed and I did the BL DVD again tonight - burning another 300 calories!!

I then cooked a most delicious omelet of olive oil, egg beaters, spinach, low fat cheddar cheese and black pepper - yummmmmm!!

What I learned today: It is so hard to come home from work and be motivated to work out - I am blessed to have a gym at work!

Tomorrow: Finish week 3 of the C25k!!!

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