Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday Quick workout

Happy weekend!!

Slept in this morning until 9am - which is way late for me! Woke up and did a little housecleaning, opened my mail (which I usually leave allll week to open on Sat) and then ran some errands. I knew I needed a workout so getting home around noon from errands was the perfect time for a workout.

I wanted to try out my new compression shorts and shirt - so I put them on and got on the treadmill for a mile. My goal was to NOT HOLD ON at ALL (and hopefully not to jiggle as much)!! I SUCCEEDED - no holding on for the entire mile. I ran for 1/4 mile of it and walked the rest... success!!

I also did the BL DVD workout - using my heavy weights - burning over 500 calories when all was said and done.

For a quick workout - I feel great! After the BL workout I usually feel a little sore in the gluets (sp?) but will let you know tomorrow how I really feel.

What I learned today: Do your workout when you are in the zone. I really wanted to do my workout first thing today, but really wasn't in the mood. Upon arriving home at noon, my normal workout time, I could tell it was time for my workout. I LOVE that my body tells me to go workout!

Tomorrow: Some type of workout... maybe DVD again depending on pain level from workout today ;)

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