Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Confidence Needed

Today was the final day of Week 3 C25k. While I successfully ran the program, I am lacking confidence to start week 4!

The program for week three has you walk a warmup - then run for 90 seconds (or 1/8 mile) walk 90 seconds (or 1/8 mile), run 3 minutes (or 1/4 mile) walk 3 minutes (or 1/4 mile) then repeat one time... then cool down.

All along I have been running by time vs distance. Since my speed is not fast enough, I NEVER hit the full distance stated... so today I ran for distance. Turns out, my times are almost exactly the same - so I should feel confident to keep going.

Week 4 is where I get nervous. I need to look closer but it does have us running 1/2 mile - twice in the run!!! HOLY COW!!! Can I do it? Will I stroke? What was I thinking when I started this program....HOLY COW!!!

OK, so FRIDAY is the big day. Today I am fighting a cold, I am still sore from my Biggest Loser DVD - but I still ran and succeeded. Tomorrow I decided will be a day off to gear up my confidence for FRIDAY!!!!

So...calm, deep breaths.... I think I can, I think I can... say prayers!!

What I learned today: I am not always confident!!!

Tomorrow: DAY OFF - carb eating may help for Friday.

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