Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Day 3 of C25K....still kickin!!

First and foremost - thanks for the kind words! Hoping this becomes a discussion thread eventually - would love to know what others are doing!

Well, I survived my first week on the Couch to 5 K! Overview: Decided to try and kill myself today by increasing my speed... kinda regretted that decision...because it resulted in me walking at a slower pace to recover! I ran the first 4 of my 1 minute runs at 5.2mph (instead of 5) and the remaining 5 runs at 5mph - which is an improvement overall, but it did hurt me in the end. My total distance was 2.14 in 31minutes -and it could be better, but I was taking my recovery walk at a slower pace because my HR was pretty high again - 187 was the highest!! After the 31 minutes, I did finish the walk to my standard 3 miles in 44:04 minutes (a little slower than Monday).

Overall - thrilled that I finished my first week and kinda happy I tried to go faster - but found it unnecessary. I really need to focus my breathing so I can keep my Heart Rate in focus... which means I really should keep it around 5pmh. Also, still fighting a blister on the back of my heal - two layers of moleskin let me get through today. Tomorrow I will try and stay out of shoes so I can heal the heel. I think I will have to shop for some newer shoes... not sure if that is a bad thing or a good thing!

What I learned today: Faster isn't necessarily better. Maybe that is the same as saying quality over quantity! I need to focus on form and breathing before I worry about speed and distance.

Tomorrow: Easy, easy day - situps and weights - no aerobics for me!

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