Monday, January 4, 2010

C25K Day 2

Success! I did much better on my walk/run today using the equipment at the gym. My pace was faster covering 2.16 miles in 31 minutes of the program, and doing 3 miles in 43:30 burning a total of 566 calories! My high heart rate was again 187 - so really hoping to see that improve over time. I have to remind myself that when I first started dieting and exercising, I could walk 2 miles in 1 hour-so I know progress is possible.

I also added an incline today - that tends to help my knees feel less stress, but that is just what I prefer.

I was watching Dr. Oz while I was on the treadmill today and his show was all about weight loss. I absolutely cringe when people say "I can't lose weight because I feed my family every night, and I just eat what I make them"... ok, so why are you feeding them poorly? Why can't they eat healthy too? Just think of the lifelong habits you will be teaching... ugh! Ok, rant over!

He did confirm a fact I heard yesterday, that your waist should never be more than half you height. That is something new for me, never heard it before, but now I have a new measurment to aim for!! Amazing how much I can remember from TV when I am huffing and puffing and trying not to fall off the treadmill :)

What I learned today: I am starting to get cramps in my legs... so I think I need to add a banana to my daily diet. I did start taking my vitamin daily, so now I will add a banana for the potassium.

Tomorrow: haven't decided what my workout will be tomorrow - but it will be at least 20 minutes of something in the gym... either bicycle, weight machines, elliptical, or maybe a favorite class or any combination... depending on what machines are free and what time I get to the gym!

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