Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 3, Week 2 - C25k....on to WEEK 3!

Well... yesterday ended up being a "non scheduled absense" from working out! Due to some unplanned activities, I was not able to workout. I had hoped to do a yoga class - something I had never done before, but ended up working right through it. Backup plan - do my light workout at home (with those heavy 10lb weights)... but ended up heading to the hospital to help out a friend. Getting home close to midnight kinda ruined my workout plans.

On to today - since it was a late night, I decided to work from home today. That meant my day 3 was on my treadmill - not as nice as my gym treadmill, but it would do. Then I realized that my gym clothes, including my shoes and heart rate monitor, were at work - oh well... still have to workout. I planned on using the HR monitor on my treadmill - ok, bad idea, more about that later. Even though I didn't have my ideal equipment I still had a great workout!

I started at my normal pace for 5 minutes... on to my run at .5 incline and started at a 6mph pace - just to see if I could do it - it lasted for 30 seconds and I paid for it the rest of the workout - but it was fun! (I still swear this treadmill is off pace for the mph - because it seems faster at home at 5mph than my gym treadmill)... anyhoo... finished my workout at the same times as day 1... kinda weird that I was a tad slower than Monday - but not worried - I finished! I walked 3 miles at ~43:30.. but since I didn't have my HR monitor I can't tell you any other statistics. I say ~ 43:30 because based on the pace and where I was at 39, I disconnected (gosh darn it - hit the string that holds the magnet that keeps the machine working - also known as the emergency stop - by accident) at about 39 my last lap added to the 39 mins was about 43:30. Also, my heart rate monitor frequently said I had a HR of 65, 75, 95 etc... so I quickly learned that there is NO accuracy in my HRM (I am never under 100 for my workouts).

I was able to get some situps, crunches and a few weights in at the end - since I missed yesterday. That made for an EXCELLENT workout!

I did enjoy Dr Oz today while working out - and learned that spinach is good for vision... and he talked about caffeine intake. Kinda comical that they were telling us how bad caffeine intake is for our bodies and I just finished my 3rd cup of coffee - oops! But he went on to say that 3 cups of coffee per day is ok! Timing is everything!! I did take a mental note to try Green Tea - he really recommends it as the best drink other than water!
For more info from Dr. Oz - his link is showing in my links on the right ---->

What I learned today: Using "old shoes" is not necessarily a bad thing - was worried that my good shoes were at work, so using my "old" would be bad, but found the change from my normal shoe kinda nice!

Tomorrow: gonna try and make that Yoga class at 4pm!!

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