Friday, January 22, 2010

I think I can...

I spent the last day and half absolutely obsessed with the fact that I would be running a 1/2 mile today, twice!

Up until today the most I have run is 1/4 mile. I needed to psych myself up for this day...and I did. When I went to bed last night my knee twisted funny, and boy did I want to not run today, using that as an excuse. However, when I awoke this morning, I continued to chant "I can do this"...and my knee didn't hurt that bad.

I knew my run wasn't until 11am so I made sure to eat a big breakfast (1 banana, yogurt and a VitaTop muffin)... I also had an orange around 10am. I am usually a light breakfast eater - but thought I needed the energy to get through the run. (ya, like it was a marathon!)

The run started with 1/4 mile walk (4mph), then a 1/4 mile run (4.8mph), then 1/8 mile walk (3.5mph) and 1/2 mile run(4.5mph). So, I did that much very successfully - to my own amazement. I wasn't fast - as you can see - but I DID RUN.

The next step was to walk for 1/4 mile, run 1/4, walk 1/8 and run 1/2 AGAIN! OK, so now I was getting tired, my HR was up around 185-190 and during the 1/2 mile run I actually took a 1/16 walk after finishing the first 1/4 (really confusing - but read - I wasn't successful at running the second 1/2 because I walked during part of it - but only a very small part!)

Overall - I know I can do better. I found myself grabbing the treadmill during the run, and that has to stop! At the end of the program, I continued my walk to 3 miles, knowing that I jogged a total of 1.49 miles of it is AMAZING to me!! I wasn't so worried about breathing - I guess that is starting to come more naturally and I don't have time to think about it.

Of course, Dr. Oz was on while I was running and that does really keep my attention. At the end of the walk, I also did weights, crunches and head bangers ;)

Overall a VERY successful day!! (burned over 600 calories)

What I learned today: I also realized that my weightloss impacts my running (I jiggle a little too much). After work I went to Sports Authority and bought some compression shorts and long sleeve shirts. Hoping to stop the jiggle and let me run without feeling a pull in the arm or leg in different directions.

Tomorrow: BL DVD!! Maybe a quick walk/run!

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