Monday, January 11, 2010

Week 2 Day 2 - C25k....

Great day today at the gym.

Arrived at the gym around 3:30pm - which is a little late in the day for me. Walked in and all the treadmills were full... oh no... I HAVE TO RUN today... go to the locker room, take my time changing, hoping there will be a free treadmill when I am ready.

Walk out to the gym and the Workout Gods are smiling on me - there is one treadmill open!! Quickly I claim my turf - grabbing my towel on the way and off I go on my journey! While I watched Jeopardy (well, listened to it - it was on the end tv and hard to see from my angle)... I was going pretty good. Did this workout at a 4mph kickoff walk, 5mph run 90 seconds, 120 second recovery walk at 4 or 3.8 and eventually at 3.5. At 31 minutes I had covered 2.18 miles. At 32:30 I had covered 2.34 (I was walking a little faster this time than last time).

This is where one lesson comes into play - I was in the midst of watching Oprah - and really enjoying it. So instead of just walking 3 miles, I walked for 62 minutes and burned 676 calories and 4.09 miles. :)

My heart rate hit 190 - but did drop appropriately during my recovery walks, and according to my wonderful gym trainer, that was ok! So I am not so worried about topping out that heart rate - but would like to see it steady out as I get better at this!

What I learned today: Don't watch Oprah if you want a fast workout!

Tomorrow: thinking about Yoga to help me work on my breathing - never did a yoga class!

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